Playfair have been an outstanding investor for Thought Machine.

They have supported the company through good times and rough and always been ready to give advice when needed and support when required. They are experts in the early stage market and a great partner to take companies through to growth.

Playfair backed us in our very first seed round and have continued to back us ever since.

Unlike some of the traditional VCs, they have been agile, loyal and there has always been someone we know we can chat to for help or advice.

Playfair are absolutely amazing to work with.

They provide the right kind of support when needed and give founders the space to build their company. We are excited to leverage their experience in scaling up our operations in the UK & EU.

As a seed stage SaaS business we accepted Playfair’s investment offer not just because of their clear stage focus and enthusiasm for the product, but also because of the tangible help they could offer us

We needed to attract talent to the business quickly and the practical help in this area which Playfair could offer ranged from hands on LinkedIn trawls to salary benchmarks and interview advice. This holistic approach is something we continue to value 2 years later as a scale up - nowadays we also appreciate the effort from Playfair to help meet other founders and prospective future investors.

Playfair Capital was a pioneer of deep tech seed investing in London and their investment team always excelled in making quick and bold decisions backed by loyal support.

They are great friends and trusted allies to the founders they have supported. Playfair has been a part of the Seldon story since the prequel, and they continue to add value to us and the early-stage tech ecosystem as a whole. Chris, Joe and Henrik are doing a fantastic job of taking forward the unique culture and values that Fede and team instilled through the first fund.

I've really enjoyed getting to know Playfair and having them come into our seed round.

They share the passion we have for the future of autonomous flights and are very helpful and supportive members of our wider team.

Playfair is a fair, fun and truly smart money investor.

In a world where seed capital is abundant entrepreneurs look for someone who understands the struggle, but more importantly is an optimistic risk taker who puts their sleeves up, to build industry defining businesses. While everyone claims to have smart money, Playfair truly deserves this badge and I would be happy to work with them any day of the week.

Playfair are stellar investors; they’re down-to-earth, approachable and incredibly willing to pitch in and help.

They have a great mix of legal, recruiting and tech expertise that’s invaluable as an early-stage start-up. We couldn’t recommend them more highly!

Playfair Capital - great early stage investors led by Chris Smith.

Founder friendly, Always helping, Willing to roll up their sleeves

uMed has been working with Playfair Capital now for over a year, following their seed investment in our health tech startup.

The experience of working with them has been phenomenal, providing us huge value add across the business through hands-on support in marketing, recruitment, strategic introductions and much more. Playfair has been true to its name throughout, ensuring they do everything in their power to support the founders and the business, even if that does not immediately correlate to the short term aims of the fund. This approach is grounded in the experiences of the Playfair team, who have themselves built successful businesses and so intrinsically understand what it takes.

Playfair are a truly entrepreneur friendly investor. They were super helpful from the outset in supporting us to create a scalable hiring process and even helped proactively source our first Head of Product.

They have been with us at Learnerbly from the outset and followed on in subsequent rounds and I’m proud to have them as an investor and partner in our future growth

Playfair have always been great supporters of Festicket since our seed round back in 2013.

They have been there to help us navigate our way through multiple rounds of funding all the way to last year's Series D, to help us put in place scalable hiring plans and strong culture underpinning today's 200 employees, and more generally have been there as a supportive partner through all the ups and downs that come with being a founder. If you're looking for a fund who will be there as a genuine partner to grow your business from day one, there aren't many better funds out there than Playfair.

We couldn't have found a better investor than Playfair when we started building our company.

Over the years, they have offered invaluable advice and support, but also given us the creative freedom we need to build out a business in an entirely new category. Importantly, they have stuck with us through the challenging times as well as the good ones.

Playfair are fantastic investors, they have supported us in a number of rounds.

I don't know any seed investor that supports you with talent acquisition and also gets knee deep in helping you with your series A round. When we did our A, the playfair team spent a week with us in the office helping us get our CAC and LTV's tight, stress testing the model and helping with the deck. I will never forget it and I learned a lot of skills that I took with me for years to come.

The Playfair team are awesome. Always there to help, always there to get your back.

They ave a deep and truly empathetic understanding of what the journey of an entrepreneur is like - the good and the bad, the exciting and the tough. They've been there to help support me and many other entrepreneurs I've gotten to know over the years.

Playfair invested as one of the first investors in Mapillary and has been a fantastic backer and supporter for over five years.

They make introductions, support the company leadership, and are always there for us when we need advice.

We have worked with Playfair Capital for over 8 years and they have been incredibly supportive throughout.

They are not just supportive when times are good, but also when things have been very challenging, that really is the sign of the investor you want on your side.

Playfair have built a deserved reputation as one of the best seed stage funds in London.

They work hard to be helpful and supportive, and are people you want to have in your corner when you are building a fast growing company. I'd happily recommend them to any founder.

Playfair began helping our team before they even offered to invest

The small team seems to have a desire to simply help people to continuously strive forward, without the restrictions many VCs place on their founders. For a Seed stage company such as ours, there is nothing more that we could ask of them.