Date Invested

Initial Round

June 2019

Total Invested: £1,000,000

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The power behind the cure

uMed is a technology platform embedded within a global network of healthcare providers that automates the process of building high quality prospective research registries.

While others rely on aggregated data which blocks subject re-engagement, uMed can rapidly reach back to contact patients for clinical studies, engage in data collection from home, and collect biomarker and genomics samples.

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Matt Wilson CEO
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Why we Invested?

uMed provides the missing piece to unlock the huge value in healthcare data — scalable, repeatable, compliant patient engagement.

Their solution is a win-win-win: patients get access to the latest clinical research, trials and therapies to improve health outcomes; healthcare providers are empowered to offer a better service to their patients with minimum time investment; and pharma/researchers can identify and engage with patient cohorts (pre, post or as part of a trial) in a matter of clicks and leverage electronic health records to deliver rapid, cost efficient studies across large patient populations.

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