Date Invested

Initial Round

April 2019

Total Invested: £750,000

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Making autonomous fly

At Sightec, we are pioneers, leading the forefront of computer vision & AI technologies. Our focus is on meeting the challenges of autonomous flight and how to make it completely reliable, predictable, and safe. Daring? Possibly. Visionary? Definitely. We are shaping the future of autonomous flight, by developing image-based situational awareness, orientation and navigation technologies that function in real-time, and that are powerful yet lightweight and cost effective. Quite simply, we are going to make vertical air mobility a reality.

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Roy Shmuel CEO
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Yonatan Samet - CTO
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Why we Invested?

Sightec is exactly the kind of investment we love — a stellar team working with cutting edge computer vision and AI technologies in a huge market comprising autonomous drones, UAVs and flying cars.

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