Date Invested

Initial Round

June 2020

Total Invested: £310,000

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Powering Africa for economic growth

Rensource develops, finances, and manages critical energy infrastructure for African enterprises. Rensource is in the business of:

- Powering Industries

- Powering Communities

- Powering Commerce

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Ademola Adesina CEO
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Why we Invested?

Rensource has built interconnected networks of solar installations on the rooftops of several SME clusters, including Sabon Gari Market. Why solar? Well, because it is a relatively simple and inexpensive technology to manufacture, deploy and maintain. Furthermore, by signing up entire clusters en masse, Rensource is allowing these markets to rid themselves of expensive and dangerous diesel consuming generators in favour of clean, safe and cheap solar power.

Rensource has created an asset finance vehicle that funds the capital costs of deploying their solar installations across Nigeria’s SME clusters. This is a perfect route-to-market for these risk-averse companies, who prefer the steady income of an asset finance vehicle.

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