Date Invested

Initial Round

December 2020

Total Invested: £773,000

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Sorting the World’s Waste

At Recycleye, we’re accelerating the world’s transition to the circular economy. Our team of advanced research engineers have developed automated turnkey solutions that are bringing total transparency, traceability and accountability to the waste management industry using artificial intelligence and recycling robotics.

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Victor Dewulf CEO
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Peter Hedley CTO
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Why we Invested?

Recycleye is accelerating our transition towards a circular economy. It has developed machine learning software that can be integrated into machinery in waste management facilities.

During our dive into Recycleye, we were deeply impressed by Victor and Peter's vision to create the operating system for material recovery facilities, a core part of the architecture that would drive massive cost savings and revenue generation through efficiencies. We were also impressed that they'd collated the largest dataset of waste materials to train their models which created massive defensibility for Recycleye.

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