Date Invested

Initial Round

November 2021

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Founded in 2017 by Dr Elizabeth Gilligan, Material Evolution uses patented geopolymer technology and proprietary algorithms to create the most sustainable materials on the planet.

The company is currently focussed on creating a sustainable alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), through the development of geopolymers. So far, they have developed a product that is made from 95% industrial waste which is stronger, more durable, and reduces the carbon consumption of concrete by 85%, when compared to equivalent products which use OPC. Utilising AI/ML, their algorithms allow them to keep material consistency and repeatability in every batch.

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Liz Gilligan - CEO
Liz Gilligan
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Sam Clark - Co-Founder
Sam Clark
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Kieran Gilligan - COO / Co-Founder
Kieran Gilligan
COO / Co-Founder
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